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Private Tours

Culture, Sights & Bites

Great for Families and Culture Buffs!
Gear down, be present, open your senses and enjoy the moment. Follow the lead of a local along twisted alleys of the town at the edge of the world.

“Far out in the radiant ocean, glinting like quicksilver, there lies a solitary little lead-coloured land. The tiny rocky shore is to the vast ocean just about the same as a grain of sand to the floor of a dancehall. But seen beneath a magnifying glass, this grain is nevertheless a whole world”

William Heinesen, The Lost Musicians

Tórshavn in a Seashell

Join us for this short, immersive, and historical walking experience of Tórshavn’s greatest hits. It’s a great introduction to the capital and to the Faroe Islands.

Highlights & Hidden Gems

Experience green refuges of calm amongst the urban sprawls as you join us for the full package of walking in Tórshavn. The tour takes you along narrow paths through dramatic nature, breathtaking landscapes, along old farmhouses, cultural heritage sites and concludes in the oldest parts of the city.